Jean Greenhowe's Playful Puppies Book

Loremar Price


Knitters who are familiar with Jean’s work are aware that she rarely designs animal creatures as they are in the real world.  And here are her latest creations – Playful Puppies.  Ten adorable puppy knits, five for the boys, five for the girls. All dressed in fanciful costumes - not realistic, but lots of fun! The basic puppy measures 21cm [8¼ in] in height from the soles of the shoes to top of the head, not including the headwear.We have often been asked for famous heroes – Batman, Spiderman etc but Jean has designed her own Hero and Heroine puppies, Superboy and Supergirl. They venture boldly where no puppies have gone before, ready to amuse knitters and children around the world. They are dressed in colourful outfits and both have capes. Here is Supergirl soaring off the mountain, flying to the rescue!

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