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Orchid Flower by Lisa Lisa

By Donna Whitby, 08/12/2015 - 10:37

Use cotton yarn 1 mm
Hook 0,7 - 1 mm
Floral tape brown and green
Wire 0.4 mm for flower leave and 2mm for branch
Row 1:
Line 1 : Beg make 5 rings use wire put on 5 rings then do SC start from 2nd ring crochet 3 SC and left 1 ring we don't crochet then turn wire down cont make 7 rings is line 2 same as line 1 we Do 6 SC, end of this line join with the last ring in line 1 by 1SC, cont make 8 rings is line 3, start from 2 nd chain do 7 SC end of this line join with the last ring in line 1, cont make 7 rings is line 4, start from 2nd chain do 6 SC end of this line join with last ring of line 1 put wire together crochet finish the line 1 another side with 5 SC . Finish row 1 we have pistil same the cross. 
Row 2: In the right hand side of the cross, in line 1 we make SC2tog - 2 SC go line 2: 3 SC - HDC- DC2tog x 3 time turn over another side in line 2 cont HDC-3 SC go line 3 SC -HDC-DC- TC2tog-DC -HDC- SC3tog ( the second SC we make 4 ring then use 3 slip stitch to make tail come back 3rd SC) cont opposite row of this line we also SC3tog ( 1st SC make 4 ring then use 3 slip stich to make another tail of pistil, come back SC2tog) cont HDC- DC-TC2Tog-DC-HDC -SC go to line 4 do same line 2 and do another side of line 1 : 2 SC -SC2tog.
Finish this pistil we use the yellow yarn cross make cross embroide centre of the pistil line 1-2-4.
Centre of pistil bud 
Row1: Make MR -6 SC
Row2: (SC-SC2tog )x 3 time
Slip stitch cut yarn.
Flower leave
Small under flower leave(2 leaf)
R1: 2 ring make 1 SC - 1 ring turn 
R2: SC2tog - 1 ring turn
R3: SC2tog x 2 time 1 ring turn
R4: 4 SC - 1 ring turn
R5: SC2tog - 2 SC - SC2tog-1 ring turn
R6- R9: 6 SC - 1 ring turn
R10: Dec SC2tog - 2SC - Dec SC2tog-1 ring turn
R11: 4 SC-1 ring turn
R12: Dec SC2tog x 2 time - 1 ring turn
R13: Dec SC2tog - 1 ringturn 
R14: slip stitch cut yarn.
Top flower leave ( 1 leave)
Do same as small under flower leave untill R6
R7: SC2tog -4 SC-SC2tog- 1 ring turn
R8 -R12: 8 SC 1 ring turn
R13: Dec SC2tog - 4 SC- Dec SC2tog-1 Ring turn
R14: Dec SC2tog - 2SC- Dec SC2tog - 1 ring turn
R15: Dec SC2tog x 2 time- 1 ring turn
R16: Dec SC2tog slip stitch cut yarn.
Betwen flower leave ( 2 leaf)
R1: 2 rings - 1 SC - 1 ring turn
R2: SC2tog - 1 ring turn
R3: 2 SC - 1 ring turn
R4: SC2tog x 2 time - 1 ring turn
R5: 4 SC -1 ring turn
R6: SC2tog - 2 SC- SC2tog - 1 ring turn
R7: 6 SC - 1 ring turn
R8: SC2tog- 4 SC- SC2tog - 1 ring turn
R9: 8 SC - 1 ring
R10: SC2tog- 6 SC - SC2tog- 1 ring turn
R11-R12: 10 SC - 1 ring turn
R 13: Dec SC2tog - 6 SC- Dec SC2tog- 1 ring turn
R14: Dec SC2tog- 4 SC - Dec SC2tog- 1 ring turn
R 15: Dec SC2tog- 2 SC- Dec SC2tog 1 ring turn
R 16: Dec SC2tog x 2 time - 1 ring turn
R 17: 2 SC - slip stick cut yarn finish.
After do finish the flower leaf we use the wire put round of the flower leaf. We crichet with SC - 1 ring untill cover around the flower leaf.
For the green bud 
R1: MR do 5 or 6 SC 
R2: SC2tog ever crochet
R3 -R 4 : SC around bud then Dec SC2tog until finish. 
Green leave
R1: make 41 ring. Use wire long more 41 ring 2-3 cm. Crochet SC around 41 ring with wire
R2: 5 SC - HDC- 28 DC - HDC- 5 S C - ( 1SC -2 ring-1SC ) in 1 root in the top row. Turn over opposite site then 5 SC- HDC-28DC- HDC-5 SC.
R3: turn wrong side SC around 
R4: turn face side 12 SC- HDC-15 DC-H DC - 14 SC- ( 1 SC-2 ring- 1 SC) in 1 root in top leaf. Turn opposite side then cont 14 SC - 1 HDC- 15DC-HDC- 12 SC.
R5: cont face side SC around leave. Inthe top leave still 1 SC 3 ring 1 SC same top root.
Use the yarn to tight combine every leave with pistil. Before combine turn the wire 90 degree. First combine 2 between flower leaf with pistil tight with yarn after that combine 2 under small flower leaf and top flower leave. Tight by yarn and use green floral tape turn cover foot flower . The green bud also use wire and green floral tape to cover foot bud.



By elizabeththornt... on
I'm so glad I found this site!
By tessvowels_14910 on
thank you!
By edna.siu_15406 on
I wish that I can read the pattern and work it out, but I am not good at all to follow that, I wonder if you can make a video tutorial? Can I ask someone to do it to post on video.
By carrielee49_15675 on
Hi! I am curious about the directions for this pattern, I don't quite understand the "ring" part. For example, the pattern starts out saying "Line 1 : Beg make 5 rings use wire put on 5 rings." What do you mean by the 5 rings and the use wire and use wire put on 5 rings? I totally don't understand. Thank you!
By Katiejax_15758 on
I also cannot get past the first instruction and find these directions extremely difficult to follow. I adore the finished product and think your work is simply exquisite. Would you please please please consider a video tutorial?
By klas61_16007 on
Does "ring" mean a chain? I have been crocheting for a very long time and I have never heard the term ring used in this context. Thanks
By Susanpariseau_16535 on
I am excited to find a yarn my grandmother had in her things when she passed away 20 plus years ago. Peter Pan I made my first top out of that yarn.
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